The 21st Annual

Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics


University of California, Santa Barbara


March 24th - 27th, 2007






Over the last 20 years, the Annual Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics has remained a small and friendly conference. Those attending range from students to new PhD's to well established researchers. For young researchers, the conference has provided support and encouragement; for accomplished researchers, it has provided the opportunity to mentor as well as a forum for exchanging ideas.


The workshop has become internationally recognized for both its high-quality research talks and its supportive atmosphere for junior researchers. Participants present cutting-edge research in all areas related to automorphic forms. These include Maass wave forms, elliptic curves, Siegel and Jacobi modular forms, special values of L-functions, random matrices, quadratic forms, applications of modular forms, and many other topics.


In addition to research talks, last year's workshop featured a panel discussion on the topic of time management and maintaining relationships and a panel discussion on leadership and mentoring. Based on the success of these sessions, we plan to have panel discussion sessions this year as well. Our topics will be (1) going from a research rut to results to publication, and (2) attracting and graduating successful students.




There is a $35 registration fee. This money will be used to buy snacks, like fresh bagels, schmears, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea (and milk and half-n-half) at breakfast time. There will be lighter snacks, as well as coffee and tea throughout the day. In addition, your registration fee pays for your very own conference coffee mug (out of which you must drink the available liquids), and the conference party. Each participant is strongly encouraged to give a talk (typically, 20, 40 or 60 minutes in length---mostly your choice).




If you think you will be attending this workshop, you should contact one of the organizers to inform them that you expect to attend. You are encouraged to inform us whether or not you will be speaking, and if so, how much time you would like. We will accommodate your requests as much as possible. And bya laptop if you plan on making a power point presentation. Also, please let us know of any change in your email address as well as other addresses we should add to the mailing list.


















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