If you need a letter in order to obtain a visa, please contact Robert Osburn.

We have blocked rooms at the Waterloo House, the Mespil Hotel, and the Morehampton Townhouse for five nights, March 10th - March 15th. The rooms will be held until February 7th .

The Waterloo and Mespil are in the Ballsbridge neighborhood. There are numerous shops, restaurants and pubs in the area. The Morehampton is in the Donnybrook neighborhood, which has a few shops, restaurants and pubs. It is also within walking distance of Ballsbridge.

Some other lodging options are:

The airport is north of the city centre and UCD is about 3 or 4 km south of the city centre. When you arrive at Dublin airport, we recommend taking a bus called the Aircoach. This bus (coach) departs from right outside the airport terminal - follow the signs. The cost is 8 euro one way, 14 euro return. If in doubt, give the name of your hotel when buying a ticket, as there is more than one bus route.

If you are staying at the Waterloo House, take the Ballsbridge/Donnybrook Route, get off the Aircoach at the "Pembroke Road" stop, then follow Pembroke Road to Waterloo Road. The B&B will be on your left on Waterloo Road.

If you are staying at the Mespil Hotel, take the Ballsbridge/Donnybrook Route, get off the Aircoach at the "Leeson Street Lower" (near canal) stop and take Mespil Road to the hotel.

If you are staying at the Morehampton Townhouse, take the Leopardstown Route, get off the Aircoach at the "Morehampton Road/Sach's Hotel" stop and walk south to the corner of Morehampton Road and Herbert Park. The Townhouse is on this corner.

If you are going directly from the airport to campus, take the Leopardstown route and get off the Aircoach at the "UCD/Montrose Hotel" stop. UCD is across the street.

If you are staying elsewhere, please consult the Aircoach route maps.

You can also take a taxi from the airport. We estimate a fare of about 40 to 50 euros.

A map including the hotel locations, bus stops, and conference venue can be found here.

A map of the UCD campus can be found here. Talks will be held in UCD Engineering and Materials Science Centre (building number 22 on the campus map).