During the last few years, the workshop has facilitated discussions on a variety of topics of interest to college and university faculty. Topics in the past have included connections between automorphic forms and other areas or mathematics, how to find the right job, encouraging and retaining under-represented groups in number theory, grant writing, how to choose the right jounal, and balancing a career with a personal life. Based on the success of previous sessions, we plan to hold discussions again this year.

We hosted two panels this year: one specifically geared towards graduate students and/or those on the market (or, rather, who are about to be on the market); the other for those who are in a more permanent position.

Panel 1: Monday at 4:30--Balancing Professional Responsibilities
As a faculty member, we have a lot of demands on our time (teaching, research, service, advising, outreach, mentoring, refereeing, etc.). How do we choose our activities carefully to get the greatest "bang for our buck" in terms of our career development, our institution's promotion process, and doing the greatest good for the profession? Certainly the answers will vary upon the institution, and our panelists will represent a range of institutions.

Sharon Frechette--College of the Holy Cross
Kimball Martin--University of Oklahoma
Djordje Milicevic--Bryn Mawr College
Steven J Miller--Williams College
Karen Taylor--Bronx Community College (CUNY)

Panel 2: Wednesday at 4:30--What you can do now to prepare for your job search
Navigating the job market in math can be a daunting task, but there's a lot an applicant can do to make themselves competitive, and make the process less time consuming by being pro-active. What steps should I be taking now to (a) have a strong research portfolio, (b) demonstrate that I can teach effectively (and perhaps innovatively as well), and (c) develop relationships that I can translate into good recommendation letters?

Ellen Eischen--University of Oregon
Robert Lemke Oliver--Stanford University (starting tenure-track at Tufts in Fall 2016)
Jeremy Rouse--Wake Forest University
Kate Thompson--Davidson College (starting tenure-track at DePaul in Fall 2016)